Posting a job as an employer

In our daily job as a platform for job seekers and companies seeking candidates we come across many job posts. All of them are directed towards the company’s next employee and in hope to attract as many candidates as possible, so the company can chose from a wide variety.

So far, so good. The HR department uses its standard template, puts in what they’re currently looking for and push it out.

Let’s stop here for a moment and look around. Logistics always was on the rise since the very early days. While Wikipedia dates the time of the term’s origin into the late 19th century logistics practically started the very moment when for the first time "the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation" – as the Oxford Dictionary on-line defines it – happened. So presumably around 3000 b.c., when the pyramids were built. Since then its been on a constant rise, always helping to satisfy upcoming demands. And thanks to modern technology and especially the internet today we are looking into a worldwide massively booming market. Professionals of the logistics and transportation industry are seeked for in pretty much every corner of the world and it’s becoming more and more on a daily base. And – they already have a lot of job offers to pick from. With that in mind, would you think a regular job description to be enough?

Let’s be frank: Not quite. It is the old “same same” and while we can certainly agree here it’s “what everybody does” it does not necessarily mean it is the best one can do. Not overly inspirational, is it? Well, times have changed and nowadays it’s not simply about the job itself. That will stay the same all along. But it’s about the rest of the company as well. To offer a job is not throwing a bone at a dog and the candidate should be thankful and happy to be able to apply to it. With the plentitude of jobs around it’s actually the other way around: You need to prove to your future employees you are a good employer, a company it’s worth spending ones working time there.

Let’s look at how we can create a job ad that is much more appealing to possible candidates.

1. Title

The title goes first, it’s the most important message. Only then I’ll read the rest.

2. Short description

What is the job, a short and precise description does help not to get lost in too much information. And if you can: Make it sound a bit exiting without overdoing it. After all, you need to sell the position.

3. What are the tasks, that come with the job

Spell it out, tell what the applicant will meet when he actually gets the job. It’s better for him and you as both will know the duties and there is no late awakening.

4. Requirements

Well, this depends on the market/location and on your situation: Some countries prefer to read about the minimum requirements to get past the application letter. If you don’t put any requirements down you will certainly lower the barrier so you might find people who otherwise would never have applied.

5. What do you offer

Show what you have. This is your way to show how serious you care about your workforce. And how you can even attract people who otherwise wouldn’t consider you twice.

6. Who are you?

Introduce your company, sell yourself and do it well. Also keep in mind **you** are looking for a candidate. So reach out to them by giving them an address they can contact you/your HR department, possibly the office hours, too.

So there. In the end you don’t have to do much to attract your candidates. Keep in mind nobody wants to get the feeling to become just a small part of a big something. Prove your candidates they mean something to you, they are valuable to you. This also goes for the then following application process: Be swift and respond to your applicants quickly. Everything else just tells the worst of messages: “They (the company) are not really interested in me”.

So in the end, even when an applicant won’t get hired, he will still speak positively about you which is a great thing for every company out there and will eventually come back at you in a positive way.

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